The Entrepreneur's Legal Guide to Starting Up


Entrepreneurs' Guide to Startup Funding

The Entrepreneur's Legal Guide to Starting Up!
35 Little-Known Facts, Secrets, Techniques, and Tricks to Making Sure You Get Every Penny's Worth of Value

eBook, 65 pages, $18
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Discover insider secrets to selecting the right legal structure, finding the right lawyer, controlling costs, and making your startup thrive!

The One Resource That Entrepreneurs Must Own To Avoid Wasting Time And Money On Legal Fees!


A simple, to-the-point guide that outlines the decisions all entrepreneurs must make when setting up a legal entity. This eBook is packed with practical, time-tested tips and suggestions about incorporation, hiring the right lawyer, registering patents, and minimizing your legal bill. The eBook includes a step-by-step guide to finding and hiring the right lawyer for your company and offers proven strategies that will save you thousands on your legal bill. There's also an easy-to-understand chart explaining the differences between the various corporate structures and offering a quick guide to the most common legal issues plaguing entrepreneurs, as well as effective methods for overcoming them.

Knowing the ins and outs of setting up a startup and picking the right lawyer isn't a matter of intelligence-it's about experience and expertise. You may have a great deal of both when it comes to your industry, but most entrepreneurs don't know much about the law. Your strengths lie elsewhere. As a result, you may find yourself intimidated by the idea of selecting legal counsel.

Containing nearly three dozen money-saving, angst-minimizing tips, The Entrepreneur's Legal Guide to Starting Up is a go-to resource for the entrepreneur who wants to streamline the budget while leveraging the most effective legal services available.

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

It's important, even necessary, for entrepreneurs to be confident in their abilities. But as good and qualified as you are to deal with many aspects of your startup, you don't know everything. And what you don't know might end up costing you-big time!

The problem is that most entrepreneurs don't even know where the dangers lie as they begin their startup. They may not realize the kinds of questions they should be asking, questions like:

  • How to quit your job to start your company and not find yourself in hot water?
  • What precautions should you take before you quit your old job?
  • How and when should you set up a legal entity and do it the right way?
  • Should you incorporate now or later?
  • How does your startup go about getting funding in a way that's fair to both you and your investors?
  • What kind of legal structure is right for your company?

What You Don't Know About Lawyers and Law Firms May Be Costing You Money

I also want you to understand how lawyers charge for their services. I want you to know how law firms are organized. This knowledge will help you get the most effective, cost-efficient legal help possible.

The truth is, you don't have to overpay to get the best legal representation. In "The Legal Guide" I show you how to get the most bang for your legal buck. You will learn things like:

  • Finding the right lawyer and law firm for you.
  • Asking the right questions when you meet a lawyer for the first time.
  • How to reduce your billing.
  • What a lawyer can do for you(or shouldn't) do for you.
  • How to use a law firm's structure to your advantage.
  • How to take advantage of the free services most law firms offer.
  • How to use your law firm's connections to grow your business.

How Do You Pick the Right Lawyer?

When you are choosing the right lawyer for you, it's natural to have a lot of questions, like:

  • How do I make a short list of suitable lawyers that are most appropriate for my situation?
  • What kind of questions should I ask when I am interviewing a lawyer?
  • When should I consult with a lawyer?
  • What kinds of issues can a lawyer actually help me with?
  • How can I get legal representation without running up a huge bill?

You could just start calling lawyers, interviewing each one, and hoping that you happen upon one who can meet the needs of your startup. Of course, you may end up spending weeks of time, not to mention a pile of money, without finding the right lawyer.

Or, you could depend on the recommendations of others. I'm sure you have well-meaning friends and colleagues who know someone who knows a good lawyer. But will that lawyer really be the right one for you?

Fortunately for you, there is another option

Imagine how great it would be if you had a trusted advisor, someone who had been a part of numerous startups. Someone who has helped countless entrepreneurs launch companies. Someone who understands the legal pitfalls that can bring down even the brightest entrepreneur.

Imagine that same advisor putting his knowledge and experience regarding entrepreneurs and the legal profession into writing-a guide that would tell you everything you need to know in order to use a lawyer's service without eating up your bank account.

Most entrepreneurs I know would love to have an advisor like that, and a guide like that!

Fortunately for you, I am that advisor! I have written “The Entrepreneur's Legal Guide to Starting Up”- the entrepreneur's “insider's guide” to using a lawyer's services to grow his or her business.

I know how stressful it can be to find a lawyer, or law firm, that can help your startup thrive. That's why I wrote a book that gives you the tools you need to find and utilize legal help in a way that is right for you. This book contains money-saving tips and ideas that you will refer to over and over again for advice and direction.

Entrepreneurs' Guide to Startup Funding

The Entrepreneur's Legal Guide to Starting Up!
35 Little-Known Facts, Secrets, Techniques, and Tricks to Making Sure You Get Every Penny's Worth of Value

eBook, 65 pages, $18
Click Here to Preview the 1st Chapter
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How to Avoid Legal Mistakes and Save Money and Time

Mistakes Can Cost Your Money and Time

Some mistakes you can fix - some you can't. But here's the truth: every mistake you make is money out of your pocket. A visit or other service from a lawyer may cost you a few hundred dollars. But if it saves you thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your company, isn't it worth it?

The time you spend fixing mistakes is time wasted. A good lawyer can guide you, so you get things right the first time. How much is that worth to you?

The old saying is very true-time is money. The Entrepreneur's Legal Guide to Starting Up” shows you how to save time AND money by using a lawyer's services in the most effective way possible!

You Will Waste Money in Legal Fees!

How do I know you will end up wasting money?  Because I've done it, and I've seen other people do it. There are probably a thousand ways to waste money on legal fees, and I think I've seen them all-

  • You hire the wrong lawyer in the first place, and then have to hire another one to fix the mess that results.
  • You set up the wrong corporate structure.
  • You don't let your lawyer handle sensitive negotiations, and he or she needs to renegotiate after lots of mistakes have already happened.
  • You demand pointless revisions of contracts and documents that your lawyer is preparing.
  • You get together with a couple of your buddies to develop a new product or service. You neglect to spell out how your partnership works, and when one of your “friends” leaves the company, he sues for a huge chunk of your profits.
  • You fail to follow my 5 foolproof tips for keeping your legal costs down.

In “The Entrepreneur's Legal Guide to Starting Up” I give you the benefit of my experience. I tell you how you can avoid making the mistakes I've seen countless others suffer from.

Avoiding any one of these mistakes will save money for your startup-much more than you will spend on the book itself. It really will pay for itself many times over!


What's In This Book?

First, look at everything I've put into this guide. It's all based on my experience, and the expertise of some top-notch Silicon Valley attorneys. The guide includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to finding and hiring the right lawyer for your company.
  • An easy-to-understand chart explaining the differences between corporate structures.(This chart alone can save you thousands in tax obligations every year!)
  • Proven strategies for communicating with lawyers that will cut your bill every month. (These aren't strategies I dreamed up-they come direct from top attorneys!)
  • A reliable resource, pointing out some of the most common issues that cause legal problems for entrepreneurs, and effective methods of overcoming them.
  • Altogether, I have included 35 tested, proven methods packed into 60 pages. I only put ideas and tips in this book if I knew for a fact that they would save you money!

Costs of 15-Minutes of a Lawyer's Time, But Worth Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Legal Saving

I know as well as anyone that at the beginning of a startup, money is tight. You may be pinching pennies, trying to get funding before your savings run out. OR maybe you have a product that is ready to go to market, and you are waiting to start some positive cash flow. Whatever your situation might be, you might be reluctant to spend $24 on this book.

I understand that feeling. I've been there several times myself! But look at it this way: you will need a lawyer's services. Probably sooner than later. A good lawyer is going to cost you anywhere from $200 to $500 per hour, or more.

That means this book, which will save you money every time you deal with an attorney, cost about the same as 5 to 15 minutes with a lawyer! Yet the value of this book is so much greater than the cost.

The Legal Guide” will literally pay for itself many times over during the life of your entrepreneurial career. You will return to the guide repeatedly, finding wisdom and insight that will save you money. It's the kind of resource that you will find indispensable for years to come!

Entrepreneurs' Guide to Startup Funding

The Entrepreneur's Legal Guide to Starting Up!
35 Little-Known Facts, Secrets, Techniques, and Tricks to Making Sure You Get Every Penny's Worth of Value

eBook, 65 pages, $18
Click Here to Preview the 1st Chapter
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