About Us

Five Mountain Press is an independent publisher of books, eBooks, and related materials geared towards career-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. Our target subject matter is as diverse as our clients’ passions: we publish nonfiction on topics ranging from professional development to spiritual and physical wellness and everything in between. We aim to publish works that serve the needs of busy professionals. 

Like most professionals today, you are probably striving for a work/life balance. Our goal at Five Mountain Press is to help you get there by publishing high-quality, informative, and accurate books.

Topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship: Starting and thriving in your own business
  • Professional Development: Excelling in your career and accelerating your growth in business
  • Careers: Information about various industries and careers; practical advice from other professionals
  • Personal Health: Healthcare, exercise, and nutrition
  • Personal Wealth: Investing and finance
  • Leisure: Hobbies, travel, food and wine

Are you interested in having your work published? You can find our proposal submission guidelines on the Submission page.