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Fast-Start Series For Entrepreneurs: Essential Knowledge for Business Success

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The principles established have been repeatedly scrutinized in the classroom by motivated MBA students in Naeem’s entrepreneurship class. Far more importantly, they have survived the test of real-world experience via use by dozens of startup companies advised by Naeem worldwide.

A lifetime of business knowledge essential for startup success is available right here. These nuggets of information can be invaluable to you. But knowledge is not enough.

Too often, novice entrepreneurs believe knowledge alone can solve their problems. But knowledge must be relevant to a given situation and properly applied to make the difference between success and failure.

This essential knowledge can take years of expensive trials and frustrations to learn. Or it can be acquired from someone who has already learned those lessons.

That’s exactly what this Fast-Start System does: it transfers the essential knowledge needed for business startup success from an experienced mentor who has been where you’re going. It illustrates the actual situations and decisions you will encounter on your path to success. And it gives the critical background you need to make the right decisions for your unique startup situation.