Submission Guideline

Five Mountain Press is currently accepting proposal submissions. Our goal at Five Mountain Press is to publish and promote books that appeal to professional men and women. Our readers enjoy books on a variety of topics ranging from starting a business to health issues to travel. 

Book proposals should address the following:

  • Need and purpose: Is there a need for a book on this topic right now?
  • A detailed chapter-by-chapter outline of the proposed book should be provided. In addition
  • Manuscript length and special materials: Assuming 250 words per page, indicate how many pages the manuscript will contain. Will there be tables, graphs, or pictures? If so, please specify what types of images will be included and how many there will be.
  • Timetable: When do you expect to complete your manuscript?
  • About the author: Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you become knowledgeable about the subject of your manuscript? Have you ever been published before? If so, by which publisher(s)?

Please note that materials will not be returned unless specifically requested in writing, and a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage is provided.

Please mail your proposal to:

Five Mountain Press
3561 Homestead Road, Suite 524
Santa Clara, CA 95051

If you would like more information about getting published or if you would like to submit an idea for a book, please provide us with contact information.                   

  • Full Name:
  • Email:
  • Daytime Phone Number:
  • Questions/Comments:

We will be happy to get in touch with you within the next 24 hours publish your idea.


Submission Process

Please submit a one-page proposal for your book idea. By following our five-step process, you can have your eBook written in approximately 30 to 45 days. You will need to invest just eight to ten hours of your own time (we take care of the hard stuff)!

Step 1: One of our publishing consultants will call you to assist you in developing a detailed outline of your book.

Step 2: We will review and revise the outline.

Step 3: The Publishing Consultant assigned to you will call you for an interview. This interview, based on the outline you have developed, will be transcribed and converted into a book manuscript.

Step 4: You will be presented with your manuscript for your review and editing.

Step 5: You will perform one last check before your book is published. Please do a final edit of your manuscript after we have added illustrations and prepared the layout. publish your idea.


Submission FAQ

Q: How can the 5 steps be completed in one day?

First of all it is not one single day. It is spread over many weeks. Count on spending one to two hours on each step outlined above. The whole process can be completed with no more than eight to ten hours of time invested on your part—the total time required will depend on your chosen degree of participation and commitment. If you prefer, you can write the entire book yourself, and we will simply publish and market it for you. Whatever your approach, our team of transcriptionists, editors, book layout specialists, and illustrators will take the toil out of creating an eBook with your name on it.

Q: What other services do you provide?

Five Mountain Press will assist you with the sales and marketing of your book. Here are some of the basic services we provide for printed books: 1. Printing of small quantities (print on demand) 2. Obtaining an ISBN number 3. Book registration, so that your book can be sold and ordered 4. Marketing on our website and management of e-commerce and credit card payments

Q: How much will I have to spend?

A minimum cost of $850 is required to cover the basic process of book creation. Additional services will be priced separately, including graphic design, cover design, printing a small quantity of books, and registering your book with the Library of Congress. Most books can be published for between $1,000 and $1,800.

Q: Who designs the book cover? What about illustrations?

That’s up to you. Five Mountain Press has the staff and expertise to provide you with these services. We can also create book illustrations. The cost for book cover design and illustrations will vary depending on your preferences. Please consult your Publishing Consultant for a quote.

Q: Once the 5 steps have been completed, how long does it take to be published?

In general, eBooks can be completed within one month. However, please note that the length of time required will depend significantly on your commitment and turnaround time. Printed books usually require four to six weeks for completion, depending on the book’s particular requirements. publish your idea.